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Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 4:12 PM

Paw's Corner

On my morning walks, I’ve noticed that someone in a house down the street puts their dog outside, tied to the porch railing, with only a pan of water. They stay out there all morning. Now that the weather has turned cold, I still see this dog tied up every morning outside. Even with a shaggy coat, the dog is shivering. What can I do to stop this? -- Francesca W., via email

Shaggy dogs aren’t impervious to cold weather DEAR PAW’S CORNER:


If this person isn’t someone you know, and you’re nervous about knocking on their door to talk to them about it, then contact the animal control department for your town, city or county. If you live in an area where there is no animal control unit, call the nearest shelter or Humane Society to make a report.

In cold temperatures, even temps above freezing, dogs can suffer a cold injury. Their paws and noses -- any exposed skin -- are at risk for frostbite. Hypothermia can be deadly, or it can permanently impair their immune system and overall health. A thick coat doesn’t provide as much protection from the cold as one might think.

Many cities have laws against leaving pets out in extreme cold or heat. And tying up a dog outside, even for a few hours, is also unacceptable. If no one else is saying anything about it, go ahead and make some noise by calling any organization that can help and finding out where you can go to make it happen even faster. Thank you for paying attention to and helping that dog out.

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