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Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 3:37 PM

Early Johnstown

July 7, 1932 Publisher: E.E. Engberg R.A. Douglass of Johnstown Receives Purple Heart Medal for Meritorious Services In World War at Argonne Roscoe A. Douglass, manager of the Douglass Cash Store, Inc., of Johnstown, has received the medal of the “Purple Heart” from the War Department for meritorious war services, the medal having been received by Mr. Douglass on June 23rd. This medal issued to Mr. Douglass was the 16th issued in the United States.

Mr. Douglass served twelve months with the American Expeditionary Forces in France. He served with the 354th Infantry and 314th Field Artillery. The occasion for the issuance of the “Purple Heart” to Mr. Douglass occurred on the Meuse-Argonne front on October 3, 1918, when his company was called upon to repel a German counter attack. His company had retired for their rest period after heavy fighting for several days in which they had made advances into the enemy’s line and had forced them back at one point. The companies sent in to hold this advantage were hard pressed and the remnant of the company, of which Mr. Douglas was a member, was called back to the front to help repel the counter attack. While there were only about sixty-five men left in the company, the viciousness of their attack held die ground which had already been gained and also advanced about one hundred yards, where they “dug in” and waited developments. During this action the men were subjected to the heaviest shell fire, but they held their lines and the Germans were forced to fall back to straighten up their front lines. It was during the barrage that was laid down to cover the retreat of the Germans that Mr. Douglass was struck with shrapnel and also badly gassed, receiving injuries that forced him into the hospital and it was many months before he was able to walk again. For his part in the battle, Mr. Douglass also has a citation signed by President Wilson commending him for distinguished military services.

Fifty Years Ago

November 7, 1963 Editors and Publishers: Paul and Joyce Williams New annexation project for Johnstown appears stalemated

Over an hour was spent discussing the proposed annexation of land to Johnstown at the monthly town board meeting Monday night. Promoters of the project, Ermol Blackwell and Chet Hays, are seeking to bring land into the Johnstown city limits where they will start a housing project with upwards of 300 houses. For the present time, however, they are hoping to annex only part of the land into the town because of tax levies which will run into several thousand dollars each year. The housing project, as proposed, would not be a large scale development, but would add houses at a slow and steady pace depending on the rate of purchase. About 30 houses would be contained in the first annexation. As things stand now after the Monday meeting, it seems the project is at a stalemate between the promoters and town board officials. The promoters want to get water to the land without having to spend thousands of dollars on a water line. Town officials want the promoters to run a 2,200 ft. line from the west edge of town to the project.

Twenty Years Ago

October 21,1993 Editors and Publishers: Ardis and Clyde Briggs Rough Riders pound Dogs 40-7

The Roosevelt Rough Rider football team sent the dogs to the pound last Saturday, as they defeated the University Bulldogs 40-7.

Playing in front of a large Homecoming crowd, the Riders got off to a fast start as comerback Todd Coufal intercepted the Bulldogs’ first pass of the game, giving Roosevelt position on University’s 19-yard line. Immediately going to work, Mitch Doughty, on an option play, pitched to Jason Young who ran 15 yards for the touchdown, giving the Riders an early 6-0 lead. With time running down in the first quarter, the Riders began another drive at their own 34-yard line. Young then scrambled for a 24-yard first down, which was followed by a 20-yard pickup by Travis Reider for another first down. The drive ended successfully as Young ran five yards for his second TD, making the score 12-0.

“It felt really good,” said Todd Coufal of his 75-yard punt return for a touchdown in the second quarter. After Coufal’s punt return and Yoimg’s two-point conversion run, the Riders had built a 20-0 lead. After Sam Martin recovered a UHS fumble, the ball again went to Young who ran it in for yet another TD. Matt Stumpf received a pass from Doughty for the two-point conversion and the score was now 28-0. When the coronation of the Homecoming queen and king were over, the Riders started the second half with Doughty running it in for another score, increasing Roosevelt’s lead to 34-0. With a lot of points to make up. University took advantage of an intercepted RHS pass, and drove down the field for the TD, finally putting themselves on the scoreboard 7-34. Midway through the third quarter, Doughty launched a bomb, connecting with Omar Zuniga, for a 55yard TD pass clinching the victory 40-7.

Roosevelt Homecoming royalty Heidi Wailes and Robert Maestas were crowned during halftime. Homecoming candidates for 1993 were Todd Coufal, Jody Kämmerzell, Jason Young, Adrienne Brown, Neal Hays, Hollie Wailes, David Hankins, Joy Briggs and Robert Maestas and Rocki Garcia.

Breeze from the Past and Milliken Mail were compiled by Ardis Briggs Tomlinson and are no longer being written. Because these columns have been popular, we are re-running the old ones.